Understanding loneliness

Feeling lonely sucks.

Maybe you’ve felt lonely, or maybe you’re feeling lonely right now. I’ve been there and know exactly how you feel – it’s a dark place.

To combat loneliness, you might have tried a number of things, joining new groups, making new friends, texting your old friends, picking up a hobby – I’ve tried these too.

They worked temporarily, but I always felt lonely as soon as those interactions ended – there had to be a better way…

How was it possible to be with my good friends, in a city with millions of others, but still feel lonely...So I began to look in to it a bit more, about my beliefs and mindset.

After a lot of research and practice, I’ve discovered insight.

Since discovering the truth, I’ve felt amazing. Peace of mind, with others or even on my own, I feel totally at ease and the dragging feeling of loneliness has disappeared. The world seems so much brighter, my love for life has come flooding back and I feel more connected.

I share with you these insights in my concise book I’ve written so you too can overcome loneliness and start to enjoy life more.

It has alternate viewpoints which you probably won’t have come across. Maybe you’ve tried to overcome loneliness in the same ways I have – new friends, getting a pet, new groups – but these are temporary solutions.

Like a plaster/band aid over a wound, eventually it falls off and the wound of loneliness is open and visible once again. The wound needs to be treated directly to progress, not covered up and hidden away for a short period of time.

It’s on Amazon here and tells you a bit more about what is inside.

This book is for the 20% that realize common advice is sometimes not the best, and loneliness cannot simply be overcome with quick, easy solutions.

In all honesty, this book is not for those looking for a quick fix, i.e. read this and all your problems are solved.

It will however, make you see things in a different way and really get you thinking and hopefully, (in my opinion), show you the truth to overcoming loneliness, improve your mental wellbeing and feel more connected.

And if it doesn’t ? Return it for a full refund. Hope it helps 🙂