Lack of control – especially during Covid

At times we can feel overwhelmed when things do not go our way and we lack the ability to control certain things.  

Like millions of others around the world, you and I have probably experienced some loss of control from policies such as lockdowns. My friend has lost his job through no fault of his own, the business he worked for has not been allowed to open.

At the moment in the UK, I can’t see my friends face to face. I’d like to travel to other countries, go out and have fun, but pretty much everything is shut in terms of entertainment.

Restaurants, bars, cinema, shopping malls, gyms – barbers are also shut which means my hair looks similar to this adorable animal at the moment;

I’m not anti-lockdown and I’m not pro-lockdown either by the way, but in the UK some things appear a bit illogical to me. For example, things like house viewings can still go ahead- so if I wanted to rent or buy a property, I could go and see 5 places with an estate agent – that’s okay.

However if my parents decided to come over to my place for a cup of tea, that’s illegal… Is it frustrating ? Yes. Does this rule make sense when I can go to house viewings with multiple estate agents? Hmm..

Unfortunately, I don’t work for the government, I’m not a lawmaker, I cannot influence or impact the policy – it’s completely out of my control and it’s frustrating as I cannot do things I want to do.

However I do have a few options which could lead to me feeling better about my situation:

  1. I can run to become a member of parliament to try and influence laws.
  2. I can moan and cry about how unfair it is
  3. I can focus on what I can do and make the most of the options available to me, Zoom/facetime calls with parents if I want to connect with them.

There are certainties in life, taxes and death, and I would say the large majority of us don’t look forward to either of those.

If we are in a position to do something about what is in our control and influence, we should take the opportunity and appreciate the blessing of our privilege that we have to be able to do something about it. For example if we are feeling lonely we might seek to reach out to our friends for a conversation (although this will temporarily solve the feeling, to really overcome it we need to understand it and look deeper – I’ve written a whole guide here).

If we don’t- focus on what we can do instead and what is in our control.

So for me, right now since I can’t visit my barber, I’m currently debating between cutting off all my hair and going completely bald, or sticking a pot over my head and going for the much more trendy (I think) bowl cut.

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