Understanding loneliness

Loneliness is painful.

I know. I’ve been there before. It’s also really bad for our health, even worse than obesity and smoking.

Perhaps you’re still single, or recently broken up. You don’t have many friends, or if you do, you don’t connect with them so well anymore. Perhaps others have been rejecting you and no one truly understands you, even your friends, family or loved one.  

It’s a horrible feeling to be lonely. And for years I felt that way – I tried everything

  • joining new groups to make new friends
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • reading
  • picked up a new hobby in the form of running, by myself and joining a club
  • adopted a dog (Westie)

These were all great, I had so much fun and felt connected with others building deep meaningful connections.

But the only problem is that these “solutions” work temporarily – after a while, I always went back to feeling lonely again. How? Why? On paper I should be one of the least lonely people on the planet!

After a lot of research and practice, I’ve discovered the answer – and it’s really not that complicated.

I was looking to the external world to solve my internal dissatisfaction. In all of the above instances, I was hoping to solve an internal emotion by changing circumstances in the physical world.

I was distracting myself for temporary relief like using band-aid, instead of treating the wound underneath.

Loneliness is a feeling, and all feelings are constructed by your mind. Therefore you need to understand your mind and how it really works- that’s where this book will guide you.

Since then, I feel so relieved. Peace of mind, on my own or with others, I feel totally at ease and the dragging feeling of loneliness has disappeared. The world seems so much brighter. Energy levels have rocketed up, I feel so much more enthusiasm and motivated to live each day like it is my last.

I’ve overcome moving abroad to a different city and not knowing anyone, friends and loved ones tragically passing away at a young age, alongside everyday feelings of loneliness.

I share this all with you in my concise book I’ve written so you too can overcome loneliness, start to enjoy life more.

Based on wisdom followed by people for the last two thousand years. Using powerful exercises you can choose a brighter future. You will discover:

  • Why loneliness is difficult to deal with
  • The real reasons you feel lonely
  • Why you feel lonely, even when with others
  • How you can deal with, and conquer loneliness
  • How to feel more connected
  • And much more

It has alternate viewpoints which you probably won’t have come across. Maybe you’ve tried to overcome loneliness in the same ways I have – new friends, getting a pet, new groups, but I want to introduce you to new ideas and methods.

Learn to overcome loneliness and improve your life today – if it doesn’t? return it for 100% refund (Amazon’s great policy), no questions asked.