The majority of us in general share the same desires – money, freedom, sex, safety, health etc yet we have to simply look at countless celebrities who appeared to ‘have it all’, rich, famous, can do whatever they feel like; yet end up tragically committing suicide unable to bear the pain of living – Amy Winehouse, Avicii. Outside of the public eye and not subject to vile trolling; billionaire businessman Adolf Merckle, hedge fund managers, the list is endless.

This blog is a series of articles looking at everyday events and suffering in an attempt at finding peace and daily bliss.

Guru of Zen

I thought I had it all. I’ve dined at Michelin Starred restaurants, stayed at 5* hotels travelling the world, dived at some of the best sites in Asia, and had intimate relations with beautiful people- yet I plunged in to despair, yes I enjoyed all of that, but something was still missing and I’ve come to realize no amount of external pursuits, achievements, activity, money or people leads to long term happiness.

This blog is to help others (and for myself to re-read when things aren’t going great during this journey called life). Those who have a lot going for them, yet realize something isn’t quite right in life and can’t pinpoint exactly what. Those looking for different viewpoints to life, those searching for peace and happiness, and those awakening themselves to their brain streaming pointless thoughts and worries and those looking for something more than pleasure and those seeking to ease suffering.

Mind Blowing Concept

Dear reader,

I write these articles as a way to give back and help people, especially those looking for happiness in this world- hopefully you learn something like I’ve learnt from others.

There is a concept which gave me a fresh perspective on life and greatly improved my wellbeing as a result. It challenged pre-existing views and completely changed the way I go about my day to day routine for the better.

I have written an article about this concept in the hope it will do the same for you, along with my usual actionable guidance and thoughts so you can also enjoy a better life.

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